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Among Us is an online action game (Apk) and it is also a social deduction game. This app was founded, developed, and distributed by American game studio inner sloth and it was released on 2018. This is an android game and the best platform to play this game is BlueStack. And as well as this apk allows you to play this game using your mobile phone or PC and it offers the best chance to play and get a nice experience playing this game with your friends. Among us apk uses a simple trick to make common sense to occur a spooky factor. This game can be played by adults and aged 10+ kids too because it makes fun and it is easy to learn how to play this game.

During the Covid-19 pandemic period, this was popular in society and it caused to attract a lot of new players to this game. Among us Apk offers you a chance to develop your quick-thinking ability but also improves you as a liar. And as well as if you are a player of this game, you will be more impatient to play this again and again because among us apk is an addictive game.

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Among Us Apk Download for Android

Among Us Apk Download

Google Play Download

Among Us apk was developed for android. Therefore, you can easily download this to your android device. The following steps will help you to download this.

  • First, go to the google play store on your android device and click the search bar.
  • Type the name and search it.
  • After finding the app, click the download icon and wait till the installation is completed.
  • Then you can open the game and play it. 
  • How to download for iOS
  • Same as above, among us apk is also designed for iOS devices. Here are simple steps to download this app to your iOS device.
  • First, open the Apple App Store and search for the name using the search bar.
  • After finding the name of the game, click to download and wait a few seconds to complete the installation.
  • After completing the installation, you can go through it and enjoy the game while playing it. 

What is Among Us Apk?

Among us apk is an addictive game and there are two roles such as imposters and crewmates. Those are varied in their colors and there are 12 colors of characteristics such as black, blue, pink, brown, etc. every game consists of one to three imposters. Plays can play as either an imposter or a crewmate. If you are a crewmate, you can win the game by either completing the task which is given at the beginning of the game or voting out all of the imposters. Same as imposters can win the game by either killing all the imposters or killing sufficient enough crewmates to make the volume of imposters more than crewmates.

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More about the game

Among Us Apk doesn’t allow the players to make voice chat. It allows typing messages only. This app offers only one chance to every player of the Among Us Apk game to arrange a meeting either an emergency meeting or a report meeting. If the player sees a fallen body, they can call a report meeting to make awareness about it among others. In the report meeting, players can make a discussion about who is the imposter. This is the only time that players can make a discussion with others and vote. 

Now there is a new update of this Among Us apk. It offers crewmates to become engineers, scientists, guardian angels, or regular crewmates. Same as there is a chance for imposters to become a shapeshifter or a regular imposters. Among us apk has four types of maps. These are The Skeld, the first map of the game, Mira HQ, the second map, Polus, the third one, and The Airship the fourth map.


The main feature of this Among Us apk is it is multiplayer gameplay. Multiplayer matches consist of three to ten players with one or two imposters. Because of this feature, most people are addicted to the game. The second main feature of this apk is group chatting. Among Us Apk game is played on an online platform hence this chat box is very useful to chat with others to conclude who the imposter is or make another fool if the imposter is you. Another feature of this apk is creative and pretty graphics not only animations but also killing others and performing tasks and sounds of each special point of the game. It offers the player to enjoy the game while playing. Among Us apk is free from advertisements. Hence when you are playing the game, there won’t any kind of advertisement to disturb you. This is also a feature of this.

Among Us Download for PC

Among us apk is also available for PC but you have to use android emulators such as BlueStack. If you don’t have it first get it and launch it and navigate it to the google play store.

  • Then search the name using the search bar and after finding the app click to download.
  • Wait till the installation and finally you can open the game and play it.

How to Play Among Us Apk?

The player can become a crewmate or an imposter. In the beginning, there are one to three imposters, and if you need you can change the number of the imposters. If you a crewmate, you can win the game by either completing the tasks or voting out all the imposters. If you are an imposter, you can win the game by killing all the crewmates. The task of the crewmates is to protect the spaceship from imposters.

Players become ghosts if they are killed by the imposters and after becoming a ghost, they can’t do such kind of thing with others but they can see the rest of the game and they can harm by helping their team. Crewmates can win the game if all the crewmates and ghost can do their tasks. As well as imposters can win the game if they killed everyone.

Safety and Legality

Among us apk is designed with so many security features. Especially, if you allow your child to play the game, you can enable host a private game, playing local mode or solo in Freeplay mode. On the legality side, playing among us Apk is not illegal.  And also, there are no restrictions to playing this game but it’s more suitable to play this game when are person is age 12+. 


Q: Where the players can play among us Apk?

A: Players can play this game for free using their android or iOS smartphones. However among us Apk is available on other platforms such as Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch.

Q: What is the volume of the RAM that the player needs to play among us Apk?

A: It’s enough to have only 1GB RAM on your android or iOS device. But if you have RAM more than this, it gives you a comfortable experience to play the game.

Q: Is it difficult to play this game?

A: No. Not at all. There are very simple methods to use such as going forward or backward and jumping. Spending a few minutes, you can play the game and instantly you can involve with your work.

Q: Are there any alternatives among us Apk?

A: Yes. Fall guys, Brawl Stars, and Armed are similar to the among us apk.

Final words

The above description is a brief discussion about Among Us Apk. This is an addictive game. Hence if you are a game lover, there is an excellent opportunity to play this game and have a fantastic experience while playing the game.